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In its innaugral year, 2009, the S.E.L.F. Image Awards was honored to present Ms. A'lelia Bundles, one of ten luminaries with the MOTT Award. Bundles wrote the book 'On Her Own Ground' honoring the unparalleled contributions of her late Great-Great-Grandmother, 
Sarah Breedlove (aka) Madam C. J. Walker.  Walker fought with courage, valor and her own money for the anti-lynching campaign and for women's rights (when it was almost a crime to be both  Black and a woman taking a stand).  Coincidentally, Madam C.J. Walker was a major fund raiser for the YWCA.  
 F.Y.I., Madam C.J. Walker  DID NOT invent the straightening comb. [Pat. Annie Malone]
Madam Marci Walker is an activist, educator and philanthropist, who has been inspired by the life and work of (Thee Madam C.J. Walker) People tend to ask Marci Walker if she is related to Madam C.J. Walker and she promptly tells them, "no".
​She says, " I married into the name the same way the 'Madam' did.  Mrs. Walker is married to her husband of 45 years, James Walker.  They have two Sons and Two Grandsons. 
From the opening of her first salon (1993), Walker's goal has always been to present a face of dignity and respect for her clients and staff.  She does this with grace and humility.  Never having owned a business before, she says that she had lots of help from colleagues with time in
the hair industry . Talib Diin Uqdah & Pam Ferrell, Renee Storr, Kafele' and others. The founders of AHNAAH gave invaluable help in allowing Walker to join their team in fighting for and winning exemption for Maryland from the State Board of Cosmetology in 1997.  
There were health hurdles to overcome as well.  Being a cancer survivor is a testimony of her zest for life and her faith.  Becoming the major care giver of her teenage son's child was a real challenge, but another opportunity to give and receive the blessings God has continued to favor her with.  
Today, Marci Walker and her son Shanti Walker own and operate Madam Walker's Braids & Locks Salon, located in Temple Hills MD. 
"The Mustard Seed," a boutique inside of MWB is filled with some of Madam Walker's original hand-made lock jewelry, earrings and neck pieces.  She is creative and constantly moving, always ready for the next challenge, Madam Marci Walker welcomes new opportunities:  A seat on the e-Braiding/e-Naturals Advisory Board, writing another course curriculum for natural hair care and presenting a teen workshop on 'bullying', while teaching a simple styling techniques to the young guests.   

In 2011 this Queen was summoned to the Brooklyn Museum of Art to receive' The Masters Award" for out-standing service in the Hair Industry by colleague, hosted by Anita Hill, of B.A.D. Salon, in Richmond, VA.  She was humbled and awed by the experience.  Rubbing shoulders with Industry pioneers who had set the bar for her was like a 'dream come true'.Co-Nominees:Taliah Wajiid, Dianne Bailey, Tulani Kinard
 and others made the event an evening she will long cherish.  
Walker said  "There is nothing so gratifying as having one's 
peers, entrepreneurs and friends confirm a job well done."  

On March 24th, 2013 Mrs. Gloria Rease, CEO of 
The Natural Hair Care Directory and founder of 
the S.T.O.M.P. Awards. Presented Walker with 
the 'Nyansapo Award' given to Elders for their 
dedication to empowering African American Women. 
The affair was Stellar. To have been the Co-Honoree
beside Dr. Virginia Manning was indeed a glorious honor. 
The event was another milestone realized by Walker in her 
continued effort to affect women positively in
their lives, business and the natural hair care industry.
Madam Marci Walker
Mrs. Marci Walker's reverance and respect for both her Grandmothers, Mother and  Madam C.J. Walker (unrelated) are the guiding lights that keep her motivated and moving forward with purpose.  Her high standards given to the innate art of natural hair care is in taking the education of our unique African coily hair from the kitchen to the classroom, to the salon.  Walker's will to fight for right is evident in her founding of "The non-profit- S.E.L.F. Image Awards," the First Black Tie Dinner & Awards Ceremony honoring Natural Hair Pioneers. Additionally, the Biennial Event (that began in 2008) raises funds for victims and survivors of domestic violence. Proceeds from the Awards Ceremonies are dedicated to   Scholarships for education to Survivors of domestic violence in Natural Hair Care. 

4015 - 21st Place & Oakwood, Temple Hills, Maryland 20748, 301.505.5313,
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