MW   4015 21st Place | Temple Hills, Md.
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"People stop me to ask who does my hair?
 And I answer, Stylist to the Stylists."
S. Walker...stylist
Clients are encouraged to share stories of their personal hair journeys here. Tell others, who are going through transition, of your challenges and  issues surrounding the 're-birth' of your natural hair.  We'd also love to hear about your experience at MWB Naturals.  Enquiring minds want to know :-).  

Mrs. Walker, Shanti and our entire team would like to take this opportunity to thank for your generosity, grace and trust in what we love to do - For You!  We Enhance Your Beauty NATURALLY!
"I just love the life of my natural hair!"
(Crystal) S. Walker...stylist
"I love my Sister locks short or long.. M.Walker styled by M. Walker

"I was wearing hats and head wraps to hide my hair loss.  Every day I lost another of my beautiful 15" long 
"I've been turning heads with my locks for over 15 years. Twenty years ago you could not have convinced me that my own hair could grow this long." (Keisha)
"Sometimes, I just like to get funky with my hair' (Coffee) styled...S. Walker

"I made my decision to go natural with Sister locks (TM) after seeing Mrs. Walkers work at
my place of business'.
(Pam M.)
"I can change my look instantly
with a Lok Kapp(TM) 
Thank you Shanti!"  (Pam M.)
"Everyone thought that I was wearing lock extensions....Ha ha ha...they're all mine.
styled to perfection by M. Walker at MWB." (Canaan)

4015 - 21st Place & Oakwood, Temple Hills, Maryland 20748, 301.505.5313,
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"Locked fashionistas...Canaan in Brotherlocks styled by M. Walker and Kiesha styled by Shanti for Sanata Magazine.
Professional Women and Men take their beautiful hair to work and play.  Style and color by Shanti
locks.  My Mom told me to see Mrs. Walker.  I drove from NYC to see her.  After a lengthy consult, she began to make magic happen on my head.  I looked in the mirror and cried with joy.  I had a full head of locks again."