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Lock Care, Styles, Color & Maintenance 
Starter Locks
NEW* LOK KAPPS by Shanti
Locking natural hair is a process ("A Journey").  When left alone - no combing or brushing - the coiled strands of the hair will grow into coiled formations that matt. The process takes time and patience - average 3-6 months.  Once "Your Lock Journey" begins, you will need to cultivate or train and guide new growth.  Well-groomed locks require regular maintenance and should be groomed every 4-6 weeks.  MWB provides specialized hair care therapy, a variety of lock style choices and grooming services for your lovely locks.  See description below. 
Created and designed by Shanti, the LOK KAPP is a fitted cap. The hair on the KAPP is either synthetic or human. Each KAPP is individually styled, cut, and colored by hand. LOK KAPPs come in various colors, lengths, and styles. They are customized to your individualized specifications. 
Starting locks begins with natural (chemical- free hair) the length  should be at least 1" or more.  Lok KappTM Alternatives are also available
Lock Maintenance
Traditional Locks
braided and released
Two Strand Locks
locks twisted  together
Three Methods of Lock Maintenance:  SisterslocksTM retighening, traditional palm roll and latch locks maintenance
Various methods for covering thin spots, problems solving Alopecia, broken locks and lock extensions
​Various styles are available:  Up-do, roller sets, scuplted couiffeur, fish-tail braid, runway hair fashions, etc.
A trademarked method of preparing hair to lock; techinicians must be certified by the Sisterlocks corporation
Locks with Color
Lok KappTM 
Gel Rolls/Twists
Lock Extension
Latch Locks
For more information 
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Lok Kapps are the perfect LOCK alternative for those not ready to commit to LOCKS, in transition from chemicals, or suffering from hair loss. Styles include Corn Rows, Two Strand Twists, Spiral curls, Mohawk, Pony Tail, Streaked, Sun Bleached and more.             "See what  Shanti is up to!"
Various Methods of starting locks include *Free Form *Latchlocks *SisterLocksTM *Plaits *Two Strand Twist *Gel Twists *Comb Twists and *Cosmic Locks.  The choice of style varies with hair type, length and the desired final look, that both you and your loctician agree is best for you.  A compehensive consultation will be done by a professional loctician to achieve the best results.   At Madam Walker's Salon, your consultation is FREE.  Call for an appointment!