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The SisterLocksTM Package
Madam Marci Walker is a Certified SisterlocksTM Consultant, offering SisterlocksTM as a Package of Three (3) Visits - including Consultation, Full Locking Sessions and One Follow Up Visit.  Mrs. Walker has been a CSC since 1997.  She was trained in San Diego, CA by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell the founder of the Sisterlocks Corporation.

FIRST VISIT:  The Consultation

During the first visit your consultant will discuss your personal hair care history, styling preferences and your lifestye - to determine if SisterlocksTM is right for you.  The consultation is essential for both you and your Consultant to ensure that Sisterlocks are suitable for your lifestyle, hair texture and face shape.  Test locks will be applied and you will be given a starter kit which includes  SL shampoo, bands and 'tip sheets'.  Mrs. Walker encourages clients to write down questions prior to consultation, so that all of your questions will be covered

SECOND VISIT:  The Locking Session

Bring a good book and a snack. The locking session can take from 7-12 hours or more.  The average client will leave this session with over 300 locks and a whole new attitude about patience!  Regular retightening every 4-6 weeks is the key to gorgeous SisterlocksTM.


Schedule your follow up visit within a month - after you've shampooed your locks a few times.  Your Consultant will monitor the integrity of your locks, re-tighten, discuss the "settling process" and soffer tyling tips that suit you and your lifestyle.  

Be sure to schedule your retightening visits at 4 to 6 weeks intervals prior to your leaving the salon.

What are SisterlocksTM?

Sisterlocks is a hair care management system that will allow men and women the versality of enjoying a range of hairstyling options without having to alter the  hairs' natural texture.  
Sisterlocks/Brotherlocks are tiny uniformed locks that are the result of a precision parting grid, with the use of a specialized tool to place the hair in a specific locking formation.  An average of 300 or more locks, must be installed and cultivated  by a  consultant who has been certified by the Sisterlocks Corporation in San Diego, CA. 

4015 - 21st Place & Oakwood, Temple Hills, Maryland 20748, 301.505.5313,
Why SisterlocksTM?

The "natural" popularity of SisterlocksTM is not only that it is a natural hair care system it also trains and certifies its stylists.   
* never be afraid of excersizing again
* shampoo as much as you like
* roller set, wet set, pin cure, wave, loop, pin up
* color (pref) herbal color
Madam Walker with  Sisterlocks Wrapped Up in Galee
Certified SisterlocksTM Loctician?

Since 1997, Mrs Walker has been trained and certified in the highly specialized SisterlocksTM technique for hair locking.  She is current and up to date as a Certified Sisterlocks Consultant, having serviced over 1,100 clients (to date) 
Beautifully...Sisterlocked Sistas
From six to sixty embrace the  KINK 
Madam Walker Teaching A Natural Hair Class at 'Adornment' in London. 
Sharing the stage with Erika Badu.